Goat WPC

Whey protein concentrate is a food ingredient consisting of concentrated protein powder from goat whey.
Goat whey is a by-product in the production of goat cheese from goat milk. The protein in goat whey can be concentrated further by ultrafiltration. After the ultrafiltration, a powder is made by means of spray drying.

Amino acid composition
The amino acid composition is of a high quality due to the good ratio between the different amino acids. Goat whey is rich of branched (BCAA-) amino acids (such as valine, leucine and isoleucine).

Separating at low temperatures
Goat Milk Powder B.V. produces its goat whey protein concentrate up to a percentage of 55% through ultrafiltration. Through this method fat and lactose are separated from the goat whey itself at low temperatures. Because of this, the goat protein fractions, which are supporting the immune system and improving the muscular recovery remain intact.


Applying whey protein concentrate

There is a great variety in areas where WPC55 can be used. Our main important market is the baby food industry where WPC55 is used successfully in order to arrange the right balance between whey and casein protein. There are exciting opportunities in sectors like sports nutrition, healthcare and pharmaceutical products but also in the day-to-day production of, for instance, goat yogurt.

Some clear examples that show the use of WPC are:
•    infant formula
•    follow on formula
•    yogurt
•    cheese
•    chocolate
•    sports nutrition
•    diets for the elderly
•    soap
•    cosmetics