1982 Bettinehoeve B.V.
in 1982, Johan Ewijk started the family business the Bettinehoeve with making goat cheese from the milk of his two goats. in 1991, his own goats made room for the full cheese production of semi-hard and soft goat's cheese. this, because of the growing demand for goat's cheese.
2001 Bettinehoeve & AVH dairy trade
Since 2001, Bettinehoeve B.V. and AVH dairy trade B.V. have been working closely together in exporting (organic) goat milk (products). Both companies complement each other perfectly: Bettinehoeve with its suppliers of milk and its production of high quality goat cheese and goat curd, and AVH dairy with its international network in the dairy processing industry and its distributors in many countries both in and outside the EU.
2013 Start Goat Milk Powder
On May 01, 2013, both Bettinehoeve B.V. and AVH Dairy Trade signed the joint venture contract under the name of Goat Milk Powder (GMP). With this joint venture, Bettinehoeve B.V. started a new path in 2014 with the production of goat milk powder and goat whey powder for baby food, sports drinks, wellness and in the pharmaceutical industry.
2016 Emmi
Since the beginning of 2016, Bettinehoeve has been part of the Swiss dairy group Emmi. Emmi is a large Swiss milk processor which was founded in 1907. In Switzerland, Emmi Group has 25 production sites. Worldwide, Emmi is represented in 14 countries.
Emmi group
2021 New factory
During recent years, the demand for Goat FCMP and WPC-55 is increasing. With the "JAVELIN" project, Emmi Group aims to expand its European production capacity by building a sustainable spray drying facility for the production of goat milk powder with Infant Milk Powder Formula-quality. The construction of the new factory has recently started!
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