News release

New eco-friendly goat powder plant in Etten-Leur

Etten-Leur, 24 June 2021 – Goat Milk Powder (GMP), a joint venture between the goat milk processor Bettinehoeve and the trading company AVH dairy, is building a new eco-friendly factory in Etten-Leur to meet the growing demand of high quality, nutrient rich and sustainably produced goat milk powder used for baby food, among other things. The investment will enable GMP to increase volumes, serve new segments and unlock  new markets while creating new jobs and economic prospect for regional goat milk farmer. The groundbreaking was celebrated today and the new plant is scheduled to go into operation in summer 2022. Goat milk products are a steadily growing segment within dairy products. The nutritional value of goat milk comes closest to human breast milk, which is a positive and powerful argument to put goat dairy products and powders on the market.

As a result of the successful market development of Goat Milk Powder's (GMP) products, the capacity at the current factory is reaching its limits. Because of the increase in global demand for goat milk powder, the owner of GMP – the Dutch companies Bettinehoeve and AVH dairy and their Swiss majority shareholder Emmi Group – have decided to expand GMP's production capacity. The new production capacities will be used to enter the goat milk formula segment. Goat milk formula – e.g. for babies - is a small part of the market, but demand is growing. That's why the new factory will include a sustainable spray drying facility for the production of goat milk powder with infant milk powder formula quality. "The new factory will be realized in the immediate vicinity of the existing factory to achieve optimal synergy", does Sybren Ewijk (Managing Director Bettinehoeve) explain the expansion of the buildings in Etten-Leur.

Emmi Group is investing significant capital in the new production facility in Etten-Leur, reaffirming its commitment to the goat's milk segment and to the Netherlands. This and the fact that around 30 new jobs are expected to be created in Etten-Leur were celebrated at a ground-breaking event.

Focus on sustainability in planning and construction
The Swiss mother company Emmi Group has set strong sustainability goals and pursues a Vision NetZero 2050.  Among other things, all of Emmi's subsidiaries must reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, use water prudently and generate less waste and source their milk supplies sustainably. 

With this new investment in Etten-Leur a huge step is made to reduce waste and CO2 emissions. "By making use of the newest technologies the use of gas for the spray drying process could be reduced to a minimum", explains Martin van Putten (Program Manager Javelin) . And adds: "By taking waste reduction into the design of the process we achieved in saving millions of litres water each year."

Part of Emmi Group's sustainability strategy is also the encouragement of the farmers to farm responsibly with focus on for example animal well fare, but also  to supply organic milk. This milk is processed separately and finds its way into organic baby food. "Our organic goat milk powder complies with all European organic guidelines and is monitored by "Skal biocontrole", explains Ward Watzeels (Procurement Director Bettinehoeve) details of GMP's the new focus.

Facts & Figures

  • Site                                              10.630 sqm
  • Building height                            23 m
  • New jobs                                      30 FTEs
  • Start building construction        June 2021
  • Start commercial production    July 2022


  • IV Industrie                       Engineering, Procurement & Construction management
  • SiccaDania                       Process
  • BredaBouw                      Civil
  • SPIE                                  Utilities, Electrical and HVAC
  • J-Tec                                 Powder handling