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About the new factory

At the Bettinehoeve production site in the Dutch town of Etten-Leur, a powder production processing line was installed in 2014 to start production of Whole Goat Milk Powder and WPC-55. The reason to start this processing line was to make use of the surplus of seasonal milk in summer. During the past few years, demand for these products has steadily increased and consumption now requires continuous production of Goat FCMP and WPC-55.

Goat milk formula is a small part of the market, but demand is growing. The nutritional value of goat milk comes closest to human breast milk, which is a positive and powerful argument to put goat dairy products and powders on the market.

Organic goat milk powder
Emmi is strongly committed to setting up the entire chain in a healthy and environmentally friendly way. Part of this is that we encourage our farmers to farm responsibly and to supply organic milk. This milk is processed separately and finds its way into organic baby food. Our organic goat milk powder complies with all European organic guidelines and is monitored by Skal biocontrole.

New factory

As a result of the successful market development of goat milk powder and Goat WPC, the capacity at the current factory is full. Because of the increase in global demand for goat milk powder, Emmi Group has decided to expand the European production capacity. The new factory will include a sustainable spray drying facility for the production of goat milk powder with Infant Milk Powder Formula-quality. The new factory will be realized in the immediate vicinity of the existing factory to achieve optimal synergy.

Press release

New eco-friendly goat powder plant in Etten-Leur