Especificación estándar para leche de cabra desnatada en polvo

Sigue una simple especificación estándar para leche de cabra desnatada en polvo.
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Skimmed goat milk powder

Chemical characteristics

Protein 39% (typical)       
Fat 1.5%   (maximum)
Moisture 5.0%  (maximum)
Lactose 46%  (typical)
Ash 9%    (typical)
Cow milk absent


Physical characteristics

Scorched particles     disc A (typical, disc B maximum) 
Insolubility    0.1 ml (maximum) 
Titratable acidity   0.15% lactic acid (maximum)
Foreign matter absent 
Antibiotics according to NL Food Legislation  


Microbiological characteristics

Total plate count ≤ 10.000 g 
Yeasts and moulds < 50 + 50 g
Coliform   not detectable in 0.1 g
Thermophilic spores ≤ 100 g 
Spores of B. Cereus ≤ 100 g  
Staph. Aureus not detectable
Salmonella not detectable in 25 g


Packaging Multiply paper bag with pe liner, 25 kg net.         
Storage conditions The product should be stored in a cool, dry and dark environment.
Shelf life If properly stored a shelf life of 12 months can be guaranteed.