Bettinehoeve & AVH dairy trade: a shared history

Since 2001, Bettinehoeve and AVH have been working closely together in exporting goat milk (products). Both companies complement each other perfectly: Bettinehoeve with its suppliers of milk and its production of high quality goat cheese and goat curd, and AVH with its international network in the dairy processing industry and its distributors in many countries both in and outside the EU.

New markets for goat milk powder and WPC55

During many meetings in the past few years, it became clear that both companies were looking for diversification in their activities. These meetings led to a supply & demand analysis of the various products. It was clear that the selling possibilities of milk powder and WPC55 were great. Traditionally, goat milk powder was only used in a limited number of products such as milk for consumption, cheese and yogurt, chocolate, ice cream and, for instance, soap. Only in recent years, its use in the baby food industry has been added to this list. In addition, Goat Milk Powder B.V. and AVH also focus on sales in the fields of sports diets, diets for the elderly and on the various ways in which goat milk powder can be used in the health care industry and pharmaceutical products. These relatively new markets require a new way of looking at how to produce goat milk powder and WPC55.

Cow milk free production

Goat Milk Powder B.V. has made a decisive choice in keeping its factory free from cow milk. The advantage of a cow milk free production process is that the chance of having cow milk residue in the final product has been eliminated which is a unique selling point for the applications mentioned  in sports diets, diets for the elderly and various applications in the health care industry and pharmaceutical products.

High quality

To be able to meet the high standards involved in these new applications, AVH was looking for a partner that had access to high quality goat milk and liquid goat curd. Already since the start of the family business by Johan Ewijk in 1983, father of the present owner and managing director Sybren Ewijk, Bettinehoeve has taken a leading role in putting emphasis on the excellent values of goat milk inside its group of milk suppliers.

Founding Goat Milk Powder

The combination of high-quality milk and liquid curd and AVH’s diversified markets for goat milk powder and WPC has been the reason for starting Goat Milk Powder B.V. On 1 May 2013, both parties signed the joint venture contract and started the first analysis of the wishes and requirements of this new market. The focus on what the market moves is always present in our J.V. and we like to match with today’s needs and future wishes of our customers. Mid September 2013, the first piles were put into the ground and mid May 2014 the production of goat milk powder and WPC55 was started.

Whey concentrate

Goat milk powder is a widely accepted product in the market but that doesn’t go for the whey concentrate of goat milk yet. WPC is still in its infancy as far as development is concerned. Together with external partners, Goat Milk Powder B.V. can offer other whey-derived products such as lactose and demineralised whey powder. You can read more about this on our site shortly.